Captive Feasibility and Implementation


Captive Feasibility Studies and Implementation

A Captive Company is a financial vehicle in the form of a insurance or reinsurance company (depending on the case). It allows owners of risks (and in some cases also those their associates), to participate in the transfer process of its insurable risks in order to optimize their cost-of-risk. This optimization is achieved mainly by  a Captive allowing an organization to take greater control of the financing of its expected losses as well as a higher degree of involvement in the process of placement of its risk transfer program to the reinsurance market. Captives are not necessarily a solution for all organizations so the decision-making process in relation to the inclusion of a captive must be supported by a technical, financial and legal analysis of the implications and impacts.

 Among the services Mirabal Risk Management offers regarding Captive Companies include:
· Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies (technical, financial and legal) 
· Cost-benefit analysis (retention / transfer / retrocession) 
· Analysis of accidents (per event / aggregate) in different layers 
· Model captive capitalization (equity model) including comparative analysis of economic capital       versus regulatory capital of domicile 
· Premium pricing model to be charged by the captive (premium model) 
· Projected financial statements (pro-forma) 
· Analysis of Delivery 
· Analysis of service providers at home (captive manager, etc..) 
· Design of the structure of the Captive  
· Implementation, commissioning and performance monitoring of the Captive

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